Autism in Palestine

Unfortunately, given the never-ending war and in particular the ongoing genocide in Gaza Strip, it seems very difficult to consider anything about autism in Palestine.

The approach of our concept is to rely essentially on public authorities to ensure that autistic people can have a better life, by encouraging them to improve general public policies and in particular accessibility for autistic people.

Our approach is based on the understanding that the suffering of autistic people does not come from autism itself (which would be some kind of defect to be eradicated or treated) but from the socio-generated disturbances stemming from a socio-administrative system which does not understand autism (and which, moreover, does not care much about it).

The governments of countries at peace already pay very little attention to what we propose.
So it seems almost absurd to try and approach the government of Palestine at the moment, because they have more important priorities.

For autistic people, life in peaceful countries (like Europe) is often very difficult, even nightmarish, so we can’t imagine what it’s like in a country where even non-autistic people go through ‘hell’ on a daily basis.

However, in Palestine there are some (very commendable) initiatives by civil society, particularly parents: