The very little we can do to oppose genocide

Although our organisation is not involved in politics (other than about autism) or geopolitics, the existence of our online Embassy in Palestine stems from a general desire to help, support or defend oppressed and vulnerable minorities (such as autistic people, people with Down’s syndrome, disabled people in general, disadvantaged ethnic minorities, etc.).


We naturally stand in solidarity with all living beings who suffer unjustly, and it is difficult to remain indifferent when we see an innocent population suffering for decades and being massacred, in other words a slow genocide in Gaza Strip.


Many people would like to do the same with autistic people by “preventing them from being born”, as it is being done with the genocide of people with Down’s syndrome: Iceland has totally “eradicated” this population.



Opposition to genocide is currently (in 2023) the main reason for the existence of this site, which remains symbolic and, unfortunately, without any real impact.


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